PiQC – Process integrated Quality Control

The Hesse GmbH has implemented a new Process integrated Quality Control system (PiQC) that is unique to the global wire bonding market. A sensor integrated into the transducer allows for the first time a multi-dimensional signal analysis of the bond process. PiQC calculates a bond quality index value in realtime, using significant signals from the wire bonding process.


Advantages for volume production

  • Inspection of every bond
  • No mechanical load of the bond connection
  • Product specific configuration of the quality control system

Feedback from the process

  • Mechanical oscillation of the wedge
  • Friction at bond surface
  • Transducer current
  • Ultrasonic frequency progression
  • Wire deformation

Quality statements by PiQC

PiQC calculates a quality index for each bond based on the actual feedback signal from the process.
The signal related components of the quality index can be displayed graphically at any time.

Teach mode for reference data

  • Detailed automatic analysis of the welding process
  • Extraction of process-specific reference data

PiQC for Wire Bonder