Fully automatic wire bonder and smart welder by Hesse

Ultrasonic Wire Bonder for all wire sizes and applications!

Smart Welder – Ultrasonic Welding Machines with large working areas

Your benefits

Bonding speed

Profit from wire bonders with the fastest wiring in the industry.


Hesse offers standard and product specific automation solutions for your wire bonder.

Process support & service

Proof of concept, process development, design validation builds & consulting.


Wire bonding with the highest axis accuracy of fully automated wire bonders.

Worldwide customer service

Our technical service supports you – in every country.


Machinery and operator training for wire bonders – inhouse & at your facility.

PiQC quality control tool

Hesse wire bonder provide a worldwide unique Process integrated Quality Control (PiQC) System.

Spare part handling

Fast and reliable spare parts delivery due to efficient logistics.

Bonding Service

Get in touch with our “Hesse Customer Solutions” for e.g.: Sample bonding, production of prototypes & small series.

Applications and Markets

The fully automated ultrasonic wire bonders from Hesse are used e.g. in the following areas for the assembly and connection technology


Electric steering
Gear box control
Adaptive cruise control (long range radar)
LED head lights

Battery Technology

Battery cell contacting system
Contacting BMS/BMB
Cell interconnection
Voltage sensing

Semiconductor Equipment

Communication devices
Electronics industry

Power Semiconductor

Traction (railways)
Wind mills
Inductive heating
Motor control

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