Ultrasonic Welding as Contacting System for Batteries and Power Modules


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Cell Contacting Systems for Battery Cells and Modules


Contacting Systems for Power Modules


Cell Contacting Systems for Battery Cells and Modules


Cell Contacting Systems for Batteries

Ultrasonic Welding as Contacting System for Batteries and Power Modules

Smart Welder provide as cell contacting system for battery cells and battery modules high speed, precise process control and highest accuracies in the field of metal welding with ultrasonic.

Smart welders are available with different welding powers and in different working areas. Our cell contacting systems for batteries can be used to weld connectors on cell and module level. The continuous quality and process monitoring enables all requirements of traceability according to semiconductor and automotive industry standards. Together with the ease of handling tolerances and the flexible design it makes it highly beneficial for battery module and pack production. Smart Welder can seamlessly be integrated as cell contacting system for batteries into existing production lines, both physically and digitally.

Typical connection types for battery cells, battery modules and their cell contacting system:

  • Current-carrying contacts (e.g. from cell to busbar)
  • Contacts for cell voltage monitoring (e.g. to battery management  system (BMS))
  • (Flexible) Busbars and tabs of pre-positioned connectors that connect battery management systems (BMS) and voltage measuring contacts
  • Each weld is traceable

  • Highest grade of automation

  • Cost of ownership and foot-print optimized

  • No risk of electrical short

  • Longitudinal vibration for a constant amplitude over the joining area

  • Low varying resistance of joint area due to stable intermetallics

  • Realtime quality monitoring by PiQC

  • No atmosphere and no melting temperatures are needed

  • Very suiting to materials with high thermal conductivity

  • Oxide layers are compensated due to ultrasonic cleaning phases

  • Process programs can be handled centralized

  • Tolerances in the product (such as height, position, roughness, oxide layers etc.) can be compensated
    due to a real-time calculated and monitored welding process

  • Conversions to other product variants are characterized by low setup-up times and no changes on the

Smart Welder offer maximum flexibility with working areas up to 392 x 870 mm. As cell contacting system for batteries oit handles small and large sized battery cells and modules.

Zellkontakiersystem für Batteriezellen und Batteriemodule

Automation: Manual and fully automated operation

The precise and safe handling of the battery packs in and out of the production machine plays a significant role in controlling the product quality, yield and efficiency of the production equipment. For this reason Hesse GmbH is offering standard components as well as individually adapted automation concepts. Get more details on our page for automation solutions.


Process Support: We support you in developing and implementing your individual process requirements for connecting your batteries. Our range of services includes:

  • Sample Bonding
  • Pre-Production Prototype
  • Design Validation Builds
  • Small Series Production
  • Module Production
  • Process Optimization

Get more details on our page for Customer Solutions.

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