Heavy Wire Bonder

Fully automatic ultrasonic wire bonder for heavy wire applications

The ultrasonic wedge-wedge heavy wire bonder meet the latest requirements in terms of technology and flexibility for automotive and power electronics.

The wire bonder, designed as fully automatic or alternatively for manual operation, offer large working areas, changeable bonding heads for aluminum and copper wire or ribbon, an optional thermosonic function and automation solutions.

Bondjet BJ955 – Bondjet BJ959 – Bondjet BJ985

Heavy wire bonder with large working areas up to 370 mm x 870 mm; ideal for single or multi-track automation

Lasersonic Bondjet LSB959

Heavy wire bonder with thermosonic function

Bondjet BJ931

Dual-head leadframe bonder for matrix leadframe applications

Bondjet BJ653

Interchangeable bondheads for heavy and fine wire; ideal for use in laboratories, in the development, for prototypes or small series