Fine Wire Bonder

  • Bondjet BJ653

    The Bondjet BJ653 serves the wire bonding processes of wedge-wedge as well as ball-wedge and can handle fine wire, heavy wire, ribbon. Particularly appropriate for the use in laboratories, in the development, for suppliers for validating their quality. BJ653 is ideal for product samples, pre-production prototypes, small volume production runs.

  • Bondjet BJ855

    The Bondjet BJ855 is the latest generation of fully automated fine wire bonder and expands the existing product portfolio of fine wire bonders. The Bondjet BJ855 is characterized by the following features:
    - Wedge-Wedge and Ball-Wedge bondheads
    - Optimized pattern recognition (PR)
    - Software features for the growing demand of connectivity and industry 4.0 (e.g. Hesse Bonder Network, remote control of PR, improved MES integration, ...)
    - Hesse Assist Tools: load cell, bondtool detection, bond tool calibration without wedge gauge for operator independency