Hesse GmbH – leading producer of ultrasonic bonding and welding machines

Hesse GmbH was founded in 1995 and is based in Paderborn. The main expertise of Hesse GmbH is the development, manufacturing and marketing of fully automated machines (wire bonder) for the assembly and connection technology together with standard or product specific automation solutions.

Hesse GmbH is one of the world’s leading producers of fully automated Wedge-Wedge Wire Bonders.

Hesse GmbH develops and manufactures fully automatic ultrasonic bonding and welding machines as well as laser welding systems, software for monitoring ultrasonic-bond-processes as well as customized tools and machines.

All relevant industrial companies engaged in assembly and connection technology (semiconductor manufacturers, HF/RF, automotive, battery systems supplier, medical etc.) are among the worldwide customers of Hesse GmbH. Optimum local support for our customers, especially in the important markets such as Asia and America, is ensured by subsidiaries in Hong Kong, USA and Japan with their own Sales and Service for wire bonder. Furthermore, we have partner companies and co-operations in over 30 countries.

The core competencies of the company are mechatronic systems, ultrasonic technology, control engineering and in particular the detailed knowledge of the processes and physical effects relevant in ultrasonic bonding technology. In order to maintain and expand technological leadership, we conduct intensive research and development in all aforementioned areas. There are international co-operations with universities and research institutes. Development goals include simple and wear-free constructions with highly integrated functionality and the integration of intelligent systems for achieving fault-free processes such as the patented process integrated quality control (PiQC) which records and evaluates quality-relevant parameters in real time.

Current Series Machines:

  • Bondjet BJ653: Wire Bonder for manual or automatic wire bonding (Wedge-Wedge and Ball-Wedge)
  • Bondjet BJ855: High Speed Fully Automatic Fine Wire Bonder (Wedge-Wedge and Ball-Wedge)
  • Bondjet BJ955/959: Fully Automatic Heavy Wire Wedge-Wedge Bonder for heavy wire and ribbon (Al, AlCu, Cu)
  • Bondjet BJ931: Fully Automatic Dual-Head Leadframe Wedge-Wedge Wire Bonder for heavy wire and ribbon (Al, AlCu, Cu)
  • Bondjet BJ985: Fully Automatic Heavy Wire Wedge Bonder with a large working area
  • Smart Welder SW1085: Fully automatic ultrasonic welder with a large working area and rotational weldhead

Process Support, Development & Consulting with “Hesse Customer Solutions”:

We support you in developing and implementing your individual process requirements (e.g. sample bonding, pre-production prototype, design validation builds, small series production, module production, process optimization). Get more details about the services and the portfolio of Hesse Customer Solutions.

Sustainability Policy

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