Ultrasonic Wire Bonding for Battery Connections and Power Modules


400 µm Al wire on shoulder


Al ribbon connecting prismatic cells


Bonding on different levels

Ultrasonic Wire Bonding for Battery Connections and Power Modules

Ultrasonic wire bonding is one of the most flexible and beneficial joining technique of batteries and power modules. It is used in the production of battery packs for applications such as of power electronics and conductor elements.

  • Battery cell contacting system
  • Current-carrying contacts
  • Contacts for cell voltage monitoring
  • Battery cell interconnection system: Cell to cell, cell to busbar, cell to PCB, and other electrical connections
  • Electrical connection to the battery management system (BMS)
  • Fully programmable and tolerance compensating production process
  • Traceability of each bond

  • Cost of ownership optimized

  • Working at ambient temperature

  • No risk of electrical short due to so-called particle-free process

  • Production machines are highly matured and proved in large scale production

  • Conversions to other products are characterized by low setup-up times and no changes on the
    machine. The connection material (wire/ribbon) is provided by the machine

  • Tolerances in the product (such as height, position, etc.) can be compensated due to a real-time calculated
    and monitored bonding process

  • Decades of knowledge in automation for wire bonding

  • Other electrical locations on the circuit can be contacted with the same machine (e.g. the BMB/BMS)

  • Enhanced by real-time quality monitoring (PiQC), by real-time process control and optional quality
    test (non-destructive pulltest)

  • Quality requirements well defined in DVS 2811, MIL-Std 883

  • Highly accepted in the global automotive sector and its standards (VDA, JEDEC, etc.)

Wire Bonders offer maximum flexibility with working areas from 100 x 115 mm up to 700 x 1132 mm for the battery connections of small and large sized battery packs


Automation: Manual and fully automated operation

The precise and safe handling of the battery packs in and out of the production machine plays a significant role in controlling the product quality, yield and efficiency of the production equipment. For this reason Hesse GmbH is offering standard components as well as individually adapted automation concepts. Get more details on our page for automation solutions.


Process Support: We support you in developing and implementing your individual process requirements for connecting your batteries. Our range of services includes:

  • Sample Bonding
  • Pre-Production Prototype
  • Design Validation Builds
  • Small Series Production
  • Module Production
  • Process Optimization

Get more details on our page for Customer Solutions.

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