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Prior to writing his article addressing the future of battery bonding, author Christian Ruoff talked to wire bonding experts of Hesse Mechatronics (Mike McKeown, Dr. Michael Brökelmann, Dr. Matthias Hunstig, Dr. Dirk Siepe) about:

Wire bonding technology, its functioning and advantages compared with other techniques, wire and substrate materials, process parameters and process challenges, Process integrated Quality Control PiQC, …

Mike McKeown, Hesse Mechatronics, held a presentation at the IMAPS International Symposium on Microelectronics with the title “Copper Wire Bonding Ready for Industrial Mass Production” (principal author: Michael Brökelmann, Hesse GmbH).

The paper shows that copper wire bonding – according to the latest progresses and achievements – is suitable for industrial use and production.

The paper won the “Best Paper Award” of the Wire Bonding Session during the IMAPS Symposium.

Improving Bondability on Demanding Surfaces

Published in Bodo´s Power Systems, December 2014
By Dr.-Ing. Michael Brökelmann, Hesse GmbH

Ultrasonic wire bonding is an established technology for connecting the electrodes of microelectronic devices as well as power electronic modules. Bonding on demanding surfaces like connector pins embedded in plastic frames can be challenging. A new approach for suppressing unwanted vertical vibrations by an active vibration control can improve bondability.

The Hesse GmbH is delighted at winning the Global Technology Award 2008 (GTA) in the category “Bonding Equipment.”
Since 2005, an international jury of experts has been awarding an annual prize for the best advanced technologies in the field of electronics production.

Dr. Hesse was honoured with the “Technical Achievement Award” 2008:

“For advances in wire bonding process and equipment that resulted in significantly increased yields and reduces costs – a major breakthrough in quality control for the microelectronics packaging industry.