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Numerous software features extend the portfolio Hesse machines and meet the growing demand of connectivity and industry 4.0.

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Hesse Bonder Network HBN 1000: complete line management, synchronization of data, easy integration of new machines via Plug & Produce, no server necessary

The Hesse Bonder Network is a decentralized solution for the interconnectivity of machines and the distribution and synchronization of information amongst the bonders within the network. The distribution of the various settings and programs can be set individually.

The HBN 1000 enables also the easy integration of new machines into existing production lines. This is supported by a controlled synchronization. Line management can be handled from any of the connected wire bonders.
Production programs, libraries of material and general settings are automatically adopted from existing machines. A super-ordinate server system or a manual transfer or copying is no longer necessary.
Beyond these advantages, the installation of such a bonder network is a benefit for the security of data and production. Decentralized data storage minimizes the risk of a black-out.


„Plug and Produce“ with HBN 1000

Steps of an easy integration
  1. Assign a bonder to a line („line configuration“)
  2. Specify the bonder for synchronization („local settings“)
  3. Define the synchronization („synchronized data“) and the settings („synchronization settings“)
  4. Use dialog „file import/export“ to select or share recipes, settings or process programs
  5. Finish and confirm the sychronization
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Offline Programming

Offline programming allows you to program bond programs outside the bonder and outside the production environment. It prevents production interruptions and brings significant benefits in terms of quality, resources, costs and deadlines. Capacity and cycle times can also be optimized with offline programming.

The solution for this is the Hesse software for offline programming. The software represents the exact graphical interface of the bonder and runs under Windows 10.
Functions for the complete process are available:

  • Import of process data
  • Offline programming
  • Simulation and optimization
  • Export and installation of programms onto the bonder

Offline Programming-title

Offline programming simulates the control of the machine hardware, the ultrasound system and the live views with lighting and focusing of the loaded camera image. Product images can be scanned from existing bonders (prefered) or generated from CAD data.

The integrated online help supports the user during the complete process.

After finishing the offline programming, the data can be conveniently transferred to the bonder in different ways:

  • USB stick
  • Hesse Bonder Network (HBN)
  • PBS server
  • Network Drive

In addition to its use in everyday production, offline programming also offers advantages for training purposes.

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Integration of control software for automation in Hesse Bonder Interface with TwinCAT® Automation

  • Hesse automation systems are based on Beckhoff PLCs which are controlled via TwinCAT
  • TwinCAT enables a machine to communicate with the automation hardware
  • The automation user interfaces (setup, production screen) are integrated in the Hesse Bonder Software
  • Hesse Bonder Software option for TwinCAT is able to integrate any  TwinCAT 3 based automation system

SECS/GEM: integrated standardized server connection for automation and communication, handling via Workbench

  • Communication of a bonder with a SECS/GEM host
  • Process program management
  • Remote control

Interface to Manufacturing Execution Systems, integrated or customized implementation

  • Integration of Hesse bonder into customer´s proprietary MES infrastructure
  • Functions: communication of process data or events, validation of incoming material identifiers or association of process results with a material identifier

CSV Logger: storage of all machine and process data, e.g. bond positions etc.

The CSV logger stores all machine events and related data to a CSV file. For instance for each bond that is made, its positions as well as related process data (variables) are recorded. More than 490 variables can be logged!.

The created files are freely configurable to customer’s needs and log ongoing by triggering events. Example: The CSV logger function can be configured to create a file logging errors but also a file containing the bonded assemblies including its PiQC values.

Easy Login via USB Stick

A specially prepared USB stick acts as an access key. You can log into the bonder without entering the password and have direct access.