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Successful start of Hesse-Teams at “Paderborner Osterlauf 2017”
After participating for the first time last year, several Hesse employees took part again this year in the traditional „Paderborn Easter Run“. The team trained hard in the run-up to the event and were fitted with Hesse running-shirts.

The evolving grade of automation in the semi-conductor business is fostering both the increasing robustness of processes and the reduction of its cost. These two drivers are a recognized customer wish. The term “Plug & Produce” is the answer to this trend and describes the idea of the ease of scalability of machine count and its integration in existing production processes. To avoid a costly and complex job between set up (“Plug”) and start of production (“Produce”), the machine needs to provide a certain intelligence and autonomy. State of the art wire bonders have the capability of coming close to this ideal.

The Hesse wire bonder of the series BJ653, BJ82X, BJ83X, BJ85X, BJ93X, BJ95X, BJ98X meet the requirements for the handling of ESD-sensitive products (ESDS) and the use in ESD protection areas.