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Heavy Wire Bonder

  • Bondjet BJ653

    The Bondjet BJ653 serves the wire bonding processes of wedge-wedge as well as ball-wedge and can handle fine wire, heavy wire, ribbon. Particularly appropriate for the use in laboratories, in the development, for suppliers for validating their quality. BJ653 is ideal for product samples, pre-production prototypes, small volume production runs.
  • Bondjet BJ931

    The Bondjet BJ931 High Speed Fully Automatic Dual-Head Wedge Bonder meets the latest demands for automotive and power electronics applications, handling heavy aluminum, copper and gold wire and ribbon on two specialized bondheads that can be changed out in minutes.

  • Bondjet BJ955/BJ959

    Les bondjets BJ955 et BJ959 de la nouvelle génération de machines de pontage sont des machines de pontage Wedge-Wedge à ultrasons conçues pour traiter entièrement automatiquement une large gamme de substrats de grande taille, puces et autres matériaux. Les systèmes peuvent être utilisés entièrement automatiquement ainsi que manuellement.
  • Bondjet BJ985

    Bondjets BJ985 belongs to the new generation of wedge-wedge bonders with a large woorking area of 370 mm x 870 mm; developed for the fully automated processing of a wide range of large-sized substrates, chips, automotive applications (e.g. batteries) and other materials.
  • Bondjet BJ980

    The ultrasonic wedge-wedge bonder Bondjet BJ980 serves, with its large working area of 700 mm x 1132 mm, the growing demands for large-sized substrates, especially for solar and applications.