Lasersonic Smart Welder LSW959

Lasersonic Smart Welder LSW959

Fully Automatic Lasersonic Smart Welder

Lasersonic Smart Welders LSW959 are the new generation of Smart Welders with additional thermal energy directly addressed to the sonotrode.
The laser-heated sonotrode enables a precisely controlled temperature at the tool tip by laser energy.

Beneficial effects of heated sonotrode for the process:

  • Increased weldability
    especially materials which are not well processible by “cold” ultrasonic welding like battery caps, copper alloys, coated caps/clips, etc.
    No additional surface heating for other applications.
  • Reduced ultrasonic power and normal force
    reduced power and/or force lower mechanical stress and avoid damage of sensitive substrates (e.g. ceramics)
  • Increased total system capacity
    processing of larger wire/ribbon/clips without increasing space or cross section
  • Improved yield
  • Increased shear forces
  • Reduced process time
  • Precisely controlled process

Lasersonic Smart Welding is the leading-edge technology in producing ultrasonically welded connections. This is due to increased process control and driving the limits of connecting different material combinations (e.g. for applications like power electronics, battery packs).
The LSW959 provide precise positioning between sonotrode and product. An image recognition system determines the exact weld location very quickly and accurately, based on a derivation of an optimal trajectory. Together with long and narrow sonotrodes, this allows small pitching and compact products/higher power density.
Further advanced functions include touchdown sensing, precise and dynamic contact force control, diverse process control features such as monitoring of ultrasound characteristics and deformation (ref. DVS 2811), and standardized interfaces for assembly line integration.
Lasersonic Smart Welders can, like ultrasonic wire bonders, flexibly handle a large variety of products. New products only require a program change and possibly adapted clamping and automation.

Advanced features and process advantages

  • Fully automatic lasersonic welder with a large working area
  • Image recognition for detection and correction of the weld location
  • Active vertical axis
  • Rotational p-axis for angle optimized process results
  • Wide range of ultrasonic (US) power (for flex PCB up to leadframe applications)
  • Narrow pitch and deep access due to long, narrow sonotrodes and pattern recognition supported positioning
  • Zero gap is performed by touchdown process not by clamping
  • Touchdown sensor to avoid damage to sensitive contact partner
  • Precise and dynamic force control
  • Programmable welding maps with multi interval processes
  • Individual parameters per weld
  • Flexibility to handle a large variety of products
  • Standardized interfaces for line integration
  • Automotive accepted process control (PiQC, patented)


battery pack ultrasonic welded

  • Flexible use of the working area, e.g. vacuum clamping
  • Maximization of throughput by automation (two/more parallel lanes)


  • Process integrated Quality Control PiQC: detection of further parameters, e.g. friction behavior, by additional sensor system for 100 % quality monitoring in real time (patented); as option
  • Full traceability of all relevant process data

Lasersonic weldhead

  • Lasersonic smart weldhead for Al, Cu and AlCu
  • Laser-heated tool tip with controlled laser absorption
  • Fast heat transport into sonotrode and substrate
  • Temperature: Tool tip at 400-500 °C for interface at 150-200 °C
  • Precisely controlled tool temperature
  • Accurate laser setting due to pilot laser
  • Inert gas noozle (e.g. nitrogen) prevents Cu oxidation during welding process (option)

Working area

  • LSW959: X: 370 mm; Y: 560 mm; Z: 42 mm

Lasersonic weldhead

  • Rotational head with 440° p-axis
  • Longitudinal transducer system
  • Electronically controlled weld force actuator
  • Precise touchdown control (force and speed)
  • Temperature: Tool tip at 400-500 °C for interface at 150-200 °C


  • Ultrasonic power up to 200W
  • Programmable ultrasonic power output
  • Programmable process profiles


  • IR fiber laser with power up to 130W
  • Programmable temperature output

Footprint and weight

  • LSW959: 805 mm x 1634 mm x 1912 mm, ca. 1300 kg