Corporate Responsibility

We take our corporate responsibility seriously and maintain a core set of corporate values. As an owner-operated enterprise we combine economic success with a responsible approach towards employees, partners, society as well as ecological awareness.

  1. Sustainability Policy

    Sustainability, Quality, Product Safety

    • Hesse GmbH assumes its responsibility for the economic, environmental and social needs of current and future generations and is committed to acting in a sustainable manner.
      We therefore attach particular importance to constantly controlling and improving the quality of our products. We expect our employees to deal responsibly with potential risks and to report them to their manager.

    Protection of our environment

    • Preserving our natural resources is an integral part of our corporate strategy. We use technology that achieves more, consumes less and is accessible to everyone.
      In our individual actions, too, we are obliged to consider the effects on the environment and avoid possible impacts on the environment or reduce them to an acceptable minimum.

    Social commitment

    • Hesse GmbH believes responsible corporate governance also includes social commitment. We therefore support selected non-profit institutions and initiatives.
    • We do not make donations in the expectation of a service or a decision in our favor or as a quid pro quo for such a decision. Hesse GmbH, in principle, makes no donations to political parties, politicians or political organizations.
  2. Occupational Health and Safety

    Occupational Health and Safety

    Safe and healthy working conditions is of highest priority at Hesse, because our most important and valuable resource is our staff. The primary focus of our concept targets prevention. Our goal is the creation of a safe work environment and the avoidance of work-related accidents. The Hesse operational health management shall strengthen physical and mental health. The performance capability of each individual, the health and satisfaction at the workplace are essential for us and contribute to Hesse´s overall success.

    Work Safety

    • Risk assessment and evaluation
    • Safety-related supervision
    • Operating instructions and guidelines
    • Safety instructions
    • Machinery and plant safety
    • Emergency management, first aid


    Health Management

    Health is of high priority at Hesse and is supported actively. Targets are:

    • Promotion and maintenance of the employees’ health and performance
    • Increase of health-awareness
    • Participation of employees in health-promoting design of the working environments

    Hesse offers a wide range of attractive opportunities and ergonomic improvements within the framework of health management:


    • Stress management
    • Nutrition

    Training courses

    • Invigoration and mobilisation training
    • Back training
    • Qi Gong
    • Running courses in preparation for the „Osterlauf“
    • Corporate sports program at Ahorn Sport Park
    • Squash
    • Outdoor training

    Promotion and maintenance of health

    • BIA measurement
    • Cardio scan
    • Weekly fruit and vegetable days

    Health-promoting design of working environment

    • Ergonomic workplaces
    • Electrically height-adjustable desks
    • Stretching and relaxation exercises at work
    • Collaboration with ergonomic consultants, company doctor and health insurancee