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By default, the operation of the automation of Hesse GmbH occurs via the machine interface including graphical representation of the current process state. In addition, an optional touch screen for complex automation systems and solutions are used with extended capabilities. Using a graphical user interface the production and setup can be visualized with manual control.

Visualization in automatic operation / production mode:

  • Display of the machined magazine slot
  • Display of the transport segment (preheating, bonding station, etc.) in which the product is located currently
  • Scanned barcode of the product … such as Scanning order data
  • Temperature of heating (with monitoring function of the target state)

Visualization and control in manual setup / setup mode:

  • Current status of the sensors
  • Position of the axes
  • Manual control of the entire automation system (e.g. motion of the bonding station, and/or operation of the vacuum)