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Transport system

Transport system

All machines of Hesse GmbH can be equipped with a standard transport system or a customized version for a fully automated manufacturing in production lines or cells. In addition to single products and/or multi panels also Auer boats or other kind of product carriers can be used on the transport lane. As a service, the Hesse GmbH provides the design and manufacture of customized product carriers.

Basic design

  • Transport system consisting of one segment with a bonding station
  • Manual adjustable transport rail width
  • Transport direction is from left to right
  • Product detection by sensors
  • Belt drive with stepper motor (belts antistatic coated)


  • Transport system e.g. with 3 segments: Input buffer, bonding station and output buffer (Input and output buffer can also be used as preheat station or postheat station to cool down slowly)
  • Transport systems with 2 or 3 lanes for parallel processing and transportation of products
    • Dual lane system with shuttle transport for parallel using of several bond stations
    • Additional bypass lane through the machine to increase the line availability at maintenance work or to optimize the index times for production cells with more machines
  • Automatic adjustable rail width of the transport lane
  • Linear drive with gripper for high throughput
  • „Walking beam“ for Auer boats or product carriers





4 segments with toothed belt: 1. segment: barcode reading, 2. segment: cleaning station, 3. segment: bond station, 4. segment: output buffer